WA19X20 Heat Exchanger – 152,000 BTU


Part Number: WA20X19


Water to air heat exchangers are available in many sizes for each individuals needs.  These exchangers are designed to transfer hot water heat through 3/8” seamless copper tubes with high density aluminum fins, with minimal flow resistance.  Exchanger housings are manufactured with galvanized steel.  Headers are made from copper and have a 1” ID.

All Connections are 1 inch ID.


-Apartment Buildings and Condominiums
-Residential Heating
-Hybrid Systems
-Air Conditioning

WA20X19 – 152,000 BTU

Water To Air Heat Exchanger Specs


A – 20″
B – 20-1/4″
C – 19″
D – 3″
E – 17-1/4″
F – 21″
G – 25-1/2″
H – 1″

WA 20X19 Spec