Outdoor Furnace Water Treatment

Control Chemical

Crown Royal Stoves are manufactured with 409 Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel

This provides you with the best corrosion resistance possible but over time calcium and magnesium can still cause scale buildup. To ensure the maximum efficiency and longevity of your Crown Royal Stove, water treatment is crucial. Treating systems with Control Chemical will prevent corrosion and scale buildup. Calcium and magnesium are commonly found in many water supplies. These impurities cause layers of scale that not only decrease heat transfer efficiency but cause pitting on the interior water jacket. Over time constant pitting will result in leaks. Once Control Chemical is added it creates the necessary barrier needed to prevent the breakdown of metals. If Control Chemical is not used right when your stove was installed, the damage may already be done.

Control Chemical and Testing Required on all Crown Royal Stoves
All Crown Royal Stoves are required to be shipped with initial recommended gallon(s) of Control chemical. Crown Royal Stoves are backed with a 20 Year Limited Warranty. To retain warranty on Crown Royal Stoves it is required to use Control chemical and submit annual samples for testing. Failure to maintain treatment at recommended levels and annual water testing will result in a voided warranty. There are many different water supplies, so not all water will be treated equally. Initial treatment of water is the same but could change over time.


Water Treatment

The image on the left is steel wool in untreated water after only one day. The image on the right is steel wool treated with Control Chemical. If you see your water turning a different color (and it is not from antifreeze), drain your system and retreat.

Upon Installation of the Furnace:

  • Before adding treatment, fill furnace with water, circulate for 48 hours and check for any leaks.
  • When collecting water samples turn off furnace and allow water to reduce in temperature. When water is reduced to a safe temperature, collect sample.
  • Control Chemical is added to the water at a rate of 1 gallon for every 200 gallons of stove water.
  • After adding Control Chemical, circulate your system for 24-48 hours.
  • Retrieve a 4 oz sample of treated water in the provided sample bottle.
  • Fill out provided label and send to required testing faculty.
  • Testing facility analyzes the Conductivity (electricity in water), PH (acidity of water) and Nitrite (oxygen scavenger that is in the chemical and prevents your system from rusting) levels of the water sample.
  • Testing facility will send satisfactory or unsatisfactory test results back to your provided e-mail or mailing address within 4-6 weeks.
  • If your test results are unsatisfactory, you must correct and send in another sample for testing.
  • Initial dosage as follows: RS7200 add 3/4 gallon, RS7300 add 1 gallon, RS7400 add 2 gallons, RS7500 add 3 gallons, RS7200E add 1 gallon, RS7300E add 1-1/2 gallons, RS7400E add 2 gallons, RS7300MP add 1 gallon, RS7400MP add 1-1/2 gallons, BIO950 add 2 gallons.

Skilled Testing Facility – Free Water Testing from Crown Royal Stoves

Water samples are tested by skilled individuals that will analyze the Conductivity, PH, and Nitrite levels. Recommendations will follow and provide actions necessary to ensure the longevity of your stove/furnace/boiler/hydronic heater. Testing results with recommendations take approximately 4-6 weeks before results are emailed or mailed.

Purchasing Control Chemical

Control Chemical is specially formulated for Crown Royal Stoves. To uphold warranty no other chemical may be substituted.

Sample Bottles and Shipping Labels

Two sample bottles and two labels are included with every gallon of Control chemical. Replacements are free of charge and can be ordered by calling us.


Water Sample Form (PDF) Control MSDS (PDF) Control Water Treatment Program Guide (PDF)