Not all warranties are created equal, so we encourage you to become an informed customer and read the fine print!

Some outdoor stove manufacturers who advertise that they offer a Lifetime Warranty, actually offer little to no warranty, but don’t disclose the details. Protect yourself and your investment, by always asking to see the full warranty.

Crown Royal Stoves’ 20 Year Warranty provides you the highest quality, longest lasting stove and warranty on the market.


One Year Warranty

  • On Electrical Components - Parts Only-aqua stats, thermostats, fans and pumps are guaranteed by the manufacturer for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Parts will be replaced on an even exchange, excluding shipping charges and labor.
  • The loading door, ash pan, door gaskets and ceramic moldings are warranted for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase.
  • If there is a leak in the fire box or water jacket on your Crown Royal Stove during the First (1) year - Greentech Manufacturing Inc. will replace the unit at no cost to the original owner. The owner is liable for the un-installation of the old unit and the installation of the replacement unit.

Five Year Warranty

  • Shaker Grates - the cast iron rocker grates are warranted for five (5) years 100%. This warranty excludes any warping or deterioration from ash corrosion. Excluding shipping charges and labor.
  • All Crown Royal Stoves are warranted for five (5) years 100%. After the fifth year the warranty starts to prorate.
  • After the twentieth (20) year, Greentech Manufacturing Inc. will give you 10% off the purchase of a new Crown Royal Stove.

Not Warranted

  • Greentech Manufacturing, Inc. does not warranty parts damaged by freezing, overheating, pressurization, warping and/or use of unauthorized fuels or abuse.
  • Greentech Manufacturing, Inc. is not liable for any damage or cost which may occur from or during the operation of the furnace, or damage incurred due to any heating system failure. These furnaces are not intended to be the only source of heat; therefore, it is recommended that a back-up system is in place to prevent damages caused by lack of heat.
  • Greentech Manufacturing, Inc. does not warrant exterior paint or finish, any damage caused by negligence and deterioration due to lack of proper ongoing maintenance, overheating, physical damage caused by abuse or freeze up, unauthorized work or modifications to the furnace, damage to the fire-box due to power surges or damage caused by burning unauthorized fuels.
  • The Crown Royal Stove is designed to be the least susceptible to corrosion; therefore, most corrosion is covered under this warranty.
  • Greentech Manufacturing, Inc. is not responsible for the cost of plumbing, replacement of antifreeze, shipping, labor or any other cost other than the replacement of the part or furnace.

Important Information

The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the care, maintenance and safe operation of the furnace including the monitoring and adding of an approved boiler treatment. All instructions must be followed in the operator’s manual, Control Chemical utilized and water samples tested annually and the warranty registration must be on file at Greentech Manufacturing, Inc. to qualify for warranty. Greentech Manufacturing, Inc. always has the right to decide if the stove will be repaired or replaced.

For more information on our limited warranty please speak to your local representative or call us directly at 866-361-7355.


CRS 20 Year Warranty Their Lifetime Warranty
Replaces unit in the first (1) year if furnace leaks YES NO
Years 0-5 100% warranty coverage YES YES
Offers prorated coverage after the fifth (5) year YES YES, but you must purchase a new stove
Offers 10% off the purchase of a new stove after the twentieth (20) year YES YES
Offers warranty coverage if proper maintenance hasn’t been performed NO NO

Last updated August 2017