How It Works

Crown Royal Stoves, Outdoor Furnaces, Boilers, & Hydronic Heaters

A Crown Royal Stove is located outside (normally 20 to 300 feet away from the building being heated) next to your fuel storage for convenience. The water jacket surrounds the firebox, heating the water which is circulated to your home or/and other buildings through insulated underground pipes.

After the insulated underground pipes are run into your furnace room a heat exchanger is plumbed, either water-to-water or water-to-air, and transfers heat to your forced air furnace, baseboard or radiant in-floor heating system. These systems are thermostatically controlled so you get an even heat throughout your home or business.

You can heat multiple buildings with the same outdoor furnace and can even heat your hot tub or pool year round. What about heating your domestic hot water? With the simple installation of a brazed plate heat exchanger you can have an unlimited amount of hot water in seconds. When you switch your heating system over to a Crown Royal Stove you can rely less on electric, gas or fuel sources which amounts to a huge savings.

Virtually any existing heating system can be converted into heating with a Crown Royal Stove. Applications include Residential Homes, Pool / Hot Tubs, Domestic Hot Water, Radiant In-Floor Heating, Commercial Buildings, Greenhouses, Garages & Workshops, Barns & Agricultural Buildings.