Braeburn Single Stage Thermostat



Braeburn Model 1000
Single Stage Heat/Cool
Conventional or Heat Pump Thermostat


  • Large Display with Bright Blue Backlight
  • Adjustable Temperature Limits
  • Easy Access Front Battery Door
  • Dual Powered – Hardwired or Battery
  • Non-Volatile Memory Retains User Settings
  • Separate O & B Terminals
  • Compressor Short Cycle Protection
  • Separate Heating and Cooling Set Point Temperatures
  • Adjustable Temperature Differential
  • Low Battery Indication
  • ESD Guard Electronic Circuitry
  • Front Access Reset Button
  • ºF/ ºC Switch
  • Gas / Electric Fan Switch
  • Mount to Horizontal Box

Dimensions: 3.75″ x 4.94″ x 1.19″
Electric Range 24 Volt AC
AC Power 18-30 Volt AC
DC Power 3.0 Volts DC
Control Range: 45º to 90º F (7º to 32ºC)
Display Range: 40º to 99º F (4º to 34ºC)