DR Versa Trailer

DR Versa-Trailer

The Ultimate ATV Dump Trailer!

The DR® Versa-Trailer is unlike any ATV utility trailer you've seen. There are hundreds of trailers out there that haul (that's the easy part!), but the hard work is all in the lifting and dumping. And the Versa-Trailer uses a Boom-Lift to take the struggle out of lifting and dumping.

Models and Specs
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  • LIFTS up to 440 lbs.
  • DUMPS up to 650 lbs.
  • HAULS up to 2000 lbs.

Plus, you can take the DR® Versa-Trailer places you would never go with an ordinary trailer! It’s the most versatile trailer ever for use with ATVs or compact tractors.

1-Ton Model

  • Swinging Boom Lift
  • Side Stabilizers
  • Stake Bed Configuration
  • 35° Dump Angle
  • Tandem Wheels
  • Removable End Panels
  • Pivoting Hitch
  • Pivoting Jack Stand
  • Steel Guards

½-Ton Model

  • Optional Winch
  • Extension Walls
  • Removable End Panels
  • Pivoting Hitch
  • Optional Pivoting Jack Stand
  • Large 22″ wheels
  • 35° Dump Angle
  • Steel Tire Guards

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