DR Rototillers

DR Rototillers

Beautiful Gardens

We offer a variety of tillers for gardens of all sizes. Our Walk-Behind models include our Mini-Tiller for small plots (or for cultivating between rows in a bigger garden) as well as Front- and Rear-Tine tillers. For bigger plots, our tow-behind models tow behind your ATV or garden tractor, letting you till 3' wide...while you ride!

Models and Specs
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New Walk-Behind Model Features

  • Front- and Rear-Tine models available
  • Till up to 11″ deep
  • Easy-Starting engines
  • Adjustable tilling width (Front-Tine); 16″ width (Rear-Tine)

Tow-Behind Model Features

  • Powered Actuator raises and lowers the wheels, which raise and lower the tines.
  • Remote Control allows you to make precise adjustments to your tilling depth without leaving your towing vehicle.
  • Forged of tough tempered steel, the bolo tines spin at over 230 rpm to dig up to 7-1/2″ deep and mix soil completely.
  • Belt-Drive System transfers full power from the engine to the tines. Shear pins on the tine shaft are designed to protect the engine and engine shaft from damage.
  • SMOOTH-TRAKª Hitch absorbs shocks and jolts so that minimal forward motion from the tiller is transmitted to the towing vehicle for smoother and easier operation.
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Steel Frame is built to last under punishing conditions. Made of 1-1/2″square tubing and 12-gauge steel. Baked on powder coat finish resists corrosion.
  • Transport Tires make for easy rolling during transport.