DR RapidFire Log Splitters

DR RapidFire™ Log Splitters

One Log, One Second!

The new DR® RapidFire™ Kinetic Log Splitters slice through logs up to six times faster than ordinary hydraulic log splitters. The key is rugged and proven technology ingeniously repurposed for the task of splitting wood. The DR® RapidFire™ Kinetic Splitters replace hydraulics with massive cast iron flywheels and a rack and pinion system that will outsplit any 34-ton (PRO-XL), 28-ton (PRO), or 22-ton (PREMIER) hydraulic splitter . Split dense hardwood logs up to 30" in diameter in record time-knotty pieces, too. With a full cycle time of 3 seconds including auto-retract, there is no faster way to split wood! For even more versatility, the PREMIER model is available either with a gas-powered engine, or with an electric motor. The electric model allows you to split wood indoors or out, without the hassle of gas, oil, and fumes.

Models and Specs
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  • Splits logs in just one second
  • Outsplits any 34-ton (PRO-XL), 28-ton (PRO), or 22-ton (PREMIER) hydraulic splitter
  • Gas models use 1/3 the gas of a conventional splitter
  • All models towable (may require optional tow kit)

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