DR Powerwagon

DR Powerwagon

Move almost anything anywhere

When it comes to heavy hauling, DR Powerwagons are up to the task.. Packed with plenty of muscle, they power up hills, charge through mud and move up to 800 lbs of just about anything. Get behind a DR Powerwagon - and get more done.

Models and Specs
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  • Gear-Driven Transmission lets you select from four forward speeds to choose the walking speed that’s most comfortable for you. Shift into reverse to get out of tight spots.
  • Puncture-proof tires are sealant-filled to prevent in-the-field flats from punctures caused by sharp sticks, stubble, glass, or even nails.
  • The entire cargo bed pivots forward so you can dump loads without shoveling. Powered Dumping feature available on PRO-XL model.
  • With the weight of the load resting on the two drive wheels, the rear wheels are free to turn in any direction with gentle sideways pressure on the handlebars.
  • Our Flatbed Kit lets you convert to a flatbed configuration in less than ten minutes. It’s deal for carrying long or stackable loads. (Included with the PRO-XL model, available option for PREMIER and PRO models.)
  • A powerful hand-actuated disc brake keeps stops the wagon immediately on steep terrain and locks for stable loading and unloading.

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