DR Post Hole Digger DR Post Hole Digger DR Post Hole Digger
DR Post Hole Digger

DR Post Hole Digger

PTO Attachment (Category 1 & 2 Tractors)

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The DR Post Hole Digger lets you put in fenceposts easily and quickly from the comfort of your tractor. Made of construction grade steel, and with PTO shaft included, the DR Post Hole Digger is ideal for work on long fence lines, even in the toughest soils.

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Fence Post Installation Made Fast & Easy!

Digging holes for fence posts or for pilings can be a frustrating, back-breaking job. Not anymore! With our DR Post Hole Digger, you can drill holes almost as fast as you can drive your tractor from one site to the next. Your tractor's 3-Point Hitch hydraulics raise and lower the auger, while the cast-iron gearbox reduces the auger speed to 540 rpm for smooth, steady drilling.

The DR Post Hole Digger is a commercial grade tool. Designed for Category 1 or 2 tractors from 20HP to 45 HP, the DR includes a long-reach PTO shaft and a 6-spline, quick-release tractor yoke. The driveline is protected by a 5/16" shear bolt.

Post Hole Digger Specs

Product Summary

  • Category 1 or 2 Tractors, 20-45HP
  • PTO Shaft included
  • Standard 3-Point connection
  • Instructions included in protective casing
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box and Driveline
  • Gear Box has 3:1 Reduction
  • 6-Spline, Quick Release Tractor Yoke
  • Augers Sold Separately (6″, 9″, 12″)

Warranty Coverage

  • 2 Years residential
  • 90 Days commercial