DR 3-Point Hitch Plug Aerator DR 3-Point Hitch Plug Aerator
DR 3-Point Hitch Plug Aerator

DR 3-Point Hitch Plug Aerator

60" Wide, for Category 0 and 1 Tractors

SKU: 40786

Make your lawn greener and healthier by stepping up to professional style aeration. Our 60" Plug Aerator pulls 3" plugs to break up compacted soil and develop a healthier, more robust root system.

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DR 3 Point Hitch Plug Aerator, 60"

Take your lawns and fields to the next level with regular aeration. Our 60" 3 Point Hitch Plug Aerator pulls 3" plugs from your lawns and fields. Coring reduces compaction-the primary obstacle to healthy grass-allowing your lawn to breathe, absorb water and nutrients, and extend its root system. The result is a healthier, more durable turf.

ATV PTO Aerator Plug

Product Summary

  • 60″ width
  • 66 Coring plugs penetrate up to 3″
  • Each 5.83″ coring plug is replaceable
  • Easy attachment system fits Category 0 and 1 tractors
  • Retractable feet help reduce wear on aerator plugs when not in use
  • Weight tray lets you add cement blocks, sandbags or other weights for deeper, more effective plug penetration

Warranty Coverage

  • At-Home Trial: 6 Months
  • Warranty: 2 Years