Clamp-On Grader/Snow Blade, 60

Clamp-On Grader/Snow Blade, 60"

More versatility for your tractor

SKU: 33301

Summer or winter, the Compact Tractor Grader/Snow Blade gives your tractor a new level of utility! Spread gravel or topsoil in the warmer months, and plow snowy driveways and walkways in the winter.

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The Compact Tractor Grader/Snow Blade attaches easily to your front-end loader to give you even more versatility. Whether spreading fresh gravel on the driveway, working at a construction site, or plowing snow in the winter, the Compact Tractor Grader/Snow Blade makes the job a breeze. It attaches to your front-end loader without any necessary alterations or damage. Trip springs on the back of the blade cushion accidental collisions when plowing snow, or can be locked in position for grading loose material.

  • Angles 30 degrees to the left or right for moving material just where you need it
  • Easy to attach – with no damage to your front-end loader
  • Bolt-on grading edge is easily replaceable when worn out, so it always grades like new!
  • 60 inches wide