DR Tow-Behind 44 DR Tow-Behind 44 DR Tow-Behind 44 DR Tow-Behind 44
DR Tow-Behind 44

DR Tow-Behind 44" Lawn Sweeper

Power Raking...the EASY Way!

SKU: 38276

Sweep up grass clippings, fallen leaves, and more with this handy time-saver! Attaches to your lawn tractor to eliminate the need for back-breaking raking.

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An ingenious high speed brush to wheel ratio system spins rapidly, sweeping up lawn litter and filling the hopper (up to 26 cubic feet). Tow it behind your lawn tractor and watch leaves, twigs, and grass clippings get whisked away. The Lawn Sweeper does exceptionally well cleaning up the lawn and even driveways!

Product Summary

  • Picks up everything, grass, leaves, even pine cones
  • Flow thru bag picks up more so you don’t have to dump as often
  • Hitch easily, quickly adjusts to the height of the tractor hitch
  • Preset holes for height adjustment will adjust the brushes only, not the entire housing to ensure correct orientation of the sweeper to the tractor
  • The hitch can be offset to position the sweeper to the right or left of your tractor
  • Bronze brush shaft bearing for greater product durability
  • Quickly collapses for easy storage