Brush Grubber Xtreme XL

Brush Grubber Xtreme XL

Uproot saplings up to 6" thick!

SKU: 30774

Removing saplings by their roots ensures that they will not grow back. Uproot saplings and small trees up to 6 inches wide with the Brush Grubber Xtreme XL!

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The Brush Grubber Extreme XL is an ingenious set of forged steel jaws with penetrating metal spikes. The attachment locks fast to small saplings, allowing you to pull them out roots and all! Spiked jaws increase their grip to the base of the sapling as you pull. Hook a chain to the Brush Grubber and pull with your tractor or truck. Removes saplings and stumps up to 6″ thick!

The Brush Grubber Xtreme XL has 5 extra-large no-slip-grip teeth per gripping pad for a strong hold on saplings and brush. Made of heavy-duty 1.5″ thick steel. Grip pads rotate 360°.