Road Towing Kit Road Towing Kit Road Towing Kit
Road Towing Kit

Road Towing Kit

For the DR Towable Backhoe

SKU: 25620

Extra safety features for towing your DR Backhoe on public roads! Install fenders and safety lights for added protection and visibility.

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Road Towing Kit

Add even more versatility and portability to your DR Towable Backhoe! The Road Tow Kit includes everything you need to add fenders and lights to your backhoe, making towing it on public roads even safer.

The DR Towable Backhoe features DOT-approved tires and can travel safely at speeds up to 45 mph. Some jurisdictions, however, require fenders and brake lights on all towed equipment. The Road Towing Kit installs easily and will ensure that traveling to your job site is as safe as possible.

Kit includes:

  • 2 fenders
  • All required hardware for installing fenders
  • 2 brake lights
  • All required wires and hardware for installing brake lights