Optivida Hemp Extract 540


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540 Milligrams

In every single bottle of Optivida’s Hemp Extract. Combined with its amazing absorption rates you would need about 8,100 milligrams of a competing hemp extract to get the same results.

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Ache and Stiffness Relief

  • Found to be effective on chronic discomfort from surgical procedures, and other chronic conditions.

Reduced Inflammation

  • Reduces inflammation and relieves effects of inflammation caused by various conditions and injuries.

Stress Relief

  • Relief of inflammation and pain directly relieves stress on the body systems and mind.

17X More Absorption

Using Optivida’s patented liposomal coating, called Optisorb.™ You are able to absorb 17 times more hemp oil into your blood stream compared to any other brand out there.

Hemp Types Absorption Level
Standard Oils 5%
“Nano” Products 10%
Vaping 40%
Optivida Optisorb System 80%

Optivida Optisorb absorption graph

Certified Organic

Optivida’s hemp is grown on certified organic farms in Colorado. The hemp is then also processed nearby using CO2 in place of heat, pressure, or solvents to maintain nutritional integrity.

Do you suffer from stress or anxiety?

When you suffer, your body’s inner communication system suffers.
Optivida Hemp Extract helps maintain these communication systems. Allowing it to restore your health; helping you to feel and perform at your best

Healthy Communication

Optivida’s Hemp Extract 540 stimulates healthy communication between your nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive/endocrine systems. Creating pathways for the body to heal itself.