Backhoe Accessory Package

Backhoe Accessory Package

Big savings on big versatility

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All the tools your DR Backhoe needs to tackle any digging job! Includes the extra-wide 16-inch Bucket, more precise 9-inch Bucket, and unique Ripper Tooth tool.

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Backhoe Accessory Package

Never fear any digging project! Enjoy the versatility of choosing the bucket size that’s perfect for the job at hand. Includes 16″ Bucket, 9″ Bucket, and Ripper Tooth. The large 16″ bucket allows for easy and fast digging and lifting, while the 9″ bucket is ideal for more precise digging — such as for electric or plumbing lines — or when digging in close quarters. Use the Ripper Tooth for tearing out stumps, roots, or embedded rocks. A huge savings over purchasing each accessory separately!